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Often overlooked, loneliness is a huge health risk that affects most seniors. Isolating seniors during COVID-19 in order to keep them safe from the virus has resulted in senior loneliness at crisis levels. Tochie offers the ability for caregivers to provide remote care through voice reminders but more importantly Tochie offers the ability to support and enhance emotional connections between seniors and their loved ones. 


Tochie is simple to use and yet allows caregiver to be creative in sending quick greetings, their favourite music or read passages, to personalize connections with seniors and reduce feelings of isolation. Use Tochie today to support and connect with your loved ones. 

Customer quotes:

Tochie is helpful during COVID when restrictions prevent families from visiting their seniors in care homes.

Family member

The best part about it (Tochie) was just that I could have something recorded and play that would remind my dad that we were thinking about him, and that me and my brothers love him a lot.

Family member

Tochie can be used in creative, personalized ways. From sending reminders to recording special messages and music for seniors.

Family member

I find it really nice that residents are able to connect (through Tochie) with their family members…. They love getting messages. It really makes their day.

Staff member at Senior Care Home

Use the Tochie app to connect and support seniors by providing:

  • Reminders – medication or task 
  • Emotional connection – personalized voice messages, music, familiar voices
  • Quick personalized, uplifting messages
  • Extended recordings of music or readings (up to 3 minutes)

Benefits of Tochie

  • Help seniors maintain a healthy daily routine
  • Reduce the feelings loneliness and isolation
  • Personalized recordings in a familiar voice, any language
  • Enhance feeling of connectedness between senior and caregivers
  • Senior friendly, easy to use


Emotional Connection

Emotional Connection

Caregivers can be creative and send music or record readings in their own voice to connect with seniors in a personalized way.

tochie reminders


Schedule one off or recurring voice reminders as you would in your calendar. Tochie will automatically play the reminder at the scheduled time.

tochie familiar voice

Familiar Voice Reminders

A familiar voice has proven to improve adherence and offers a calming effect, especially for those with Alzheimers.

tochie confirmation

Confirmation of Message

Sender can be assured that his/her message has been heard by the receiver.

tochie schedule

Remote Scheduling

Caregivers can set up reminders and send messages from anywhere at their convenience.

tochie unlimited messaging

Unlimited Reminders in any Language

There is no limit to the number of reminders, or the accent or language used for the reminders.

tochie push message

Instant Push Message

Quick Message allows caregivers to send an immediate message for an unplanned change in the schedule or to send a spontaneous message to stay connected.

Tochie Video Tutorials

Creating & scheduling a new reminder

Editing a message

Managing already recorded reminders

Using Quick Message

Account and Device Setup