Business Opportunities

Welcome to our Business Opportunities page. Contact us for a Demo Set before you decide to take the next step to Wholesale or Dropship with us.

Dropship Opportunity

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You sell


We ship

How does Dropship work?

Your store does not need to keep products in stock. 

  1. Sell product in your store or website
  2. Place an order with Tochtech
  3. Get your orders shipped directly to your customer from Tochtech
  4. Receive commission from Tochtech for your efforts
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Bulk Purchase

Buy large quantities at a lower price


Resell to your customers

How does Wholesale work?

High-volume purchase orders allow you to purchase at lower price for higher margins!

  1. Purchase large quantities from Tochtech
  2. Stock our products in a store, warehouse, or even your home
  3. Resell our products to your retail customers
  4. Resell our products to other businesses
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