Frequently asked questions:

How is Tochie different to Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Tochie has been designed and built with seniors in mind, so ease of use and privacy are key. Here is how Tochie differs from Amazon Echo, Alexa and Google Home:

  1. Tochie is a one-way speaker, and reminders play automatically at the scheduled time. This makes using Tochie easy of seniors as they do not have to learn and remember an activation phrase.
  2. Unlike the devices mentioned, Tochie is never listening to your conversations and so your privacy is never compromised.
  3. As family members are recording message reminders, seniors hear a familiar voice. Studies have shown that adherence rate is higher for reminders in a familiar voice.

Do we need to have wifi at my mum’s apartment for Tochie to work?

Yes, you will need the Tochie device to be connected to wifi. The device will also need to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to work.

My dad is very concerned about privacy, and so am I. I hear these smart devices are listening to conversations.

As Tochie does not require voice activation, the device is never listening to conversations and as such privacy is never compromised.

By using Tochie how can I be sure my grandma has taken her medication?

There are currently no medication reminders available that can confirm with certainty that the senior has taken their medication. Tochie will play the reminders that have been recorded and scheduled by caregivers but is not able to guarantee that the senior has taken his/her medication.

Both my sister and I share the role as caregivers for our mum. Can my sister and I both record and schedule reminders for my mum?

Yes, you can share your account with other caregivers so that they may also record and schedule reminders and messages. You and your sister can download the Tochie app separately on your mobile phones, log into the same account. You are both able to record and schedule reminders and messages for your mum separately. Tochie will play the messages as they are scheduled.

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      a voice reminder to support in-home care:

  • Medication reminders
  • Daily exercise reminders
  • Food delivery or in-home care service reminders
  • Hand washing reminders

Regular Price: $89 CAD

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity:  WIFI (2.4GHz)
  • Power:  MicroUSB 5V
  • Speaker:  Built-in speaker, 3W
  • Material:  Aluminum alloy
  • Dimension:  71mm diameter x 48mm height
  • Weight:  200g
  • System Requirements: Smartphone App is compatible with iOS and Android