Extending and Enriching Independent Senior Living

Our solutions enable seniors to live independently, while feeling safe, connected and cared for.


Offering a peace of mind
wherever you are

Combined with remote monitoring and tracking of everyday activities,
proprietary algorithms and pattern recognition technology turns
data into valuable information allowing caregivers to be informed at all times.


Improving quality of care through personalization

Our integrated technology provides real time activity update notifications and schedules reports,
allowing family members and caregivers to stay in touch and make improved care plan decisions.


The senior population
is growing

Canada’s greying population is accelerating. In the next 15 years one in four Canadians will be 65+ years and older, double the number of seniors today.


The majority of seniors
prefer to age at home

82% of seniors want to be able to age in the comfort and safety of their homes.


Aging at home results
in better health outcomes

Seniors who age in their homes report to be happier, healthier and require fewer doctor visits.


need support

Canadian caregivers report to lose approximately $27 Billion per annum in income and foregone vacation time as a result of attending to the needs of seniors.

What Makes Us Unique?


Our products are developed with the highest level of reliability in mind.

Not only do we hold our software and hardware to these standards, data and user experience are equally valued.



Proprietary machine learning capabilities ensure the highest level of accuracy in behaviour and activity pattern recognition.

Our products can identify abnormalities that may indicate a health risk.


Highly flexible customization to meet the needs of the senior and their caregivers.



Designed with the user in mind, systems are simple to install and comes with easy to use apps for caregivers.


Our Products

Tochtech’s philosophy centers around the use of technology to eliminate the risk and sense of disconnect for seniors, especially those living independently.

We have developed first-in-class solutions in the areas of stove safety, voice integrated personal aides and a risk predictive smart care platform.

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Read What Our Customers Say

I purchased Smarturns for my mum who is living on
her own. Smarturns is useful for more than just seniors. 
Every stove should be equipped with Smarturns – 
kitchen fires can happen to any of us. 

Family caregiver 

Tochie is great! It is awesome to be able to send a quick
reminder for other items (don't forget to go to this appointment 
today at 3pm). He (my dad) is at the point where he says he 
starts getting his medication ready just beforehand because 
the machine will speak to him if he is not prepared....hahahaha.  

Family caregiver 

Tochie was installed at my parents' house, 
it is working extremely well in reminding my 
father to take his medications. 
I find the app easy to use.  

Family caregiver 

I would like the information from Vericare to go to my doctor. It will give him more information to help treat me

Vericare User

Vericare makes me feel more connected to my dad. I feel assured when I don’t have the time to be with him always

Family Caregiver

I want my son to have access to the data. He and his family are so busy, but this system will let them know I am ok

Vericare User

I am beyond thrilled. The system informed the staff when I did not get out of bed during my regular time and they checked on me.

Vericare User

Other care apps we have used before told us things we were already aware of. Vericare showed us things we did not know

Family Caregiver

Listen To What Our Customers Say

Our Partners

Partner With Us

We are working with medical personnel, caregivers and seniors to ensure our products are designed and built to meet the need of seniors.

We are constantly looking to build partnerships with individuals and businesses involved in senior care. If you are passionate about enabling independent senior living, we would like to hear from you.

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