Tochtech will be at the Together We Care Conference in Toronto

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Tochtech is excited to be attending Canada’s largest gathering of long-term and retirement home professionals. With over 1,200 attendees and 300 exhibitors, this year’s Together We Care Conference in Toronto is promising to be a great opportunity to meet and learn from experts and see the latest products serving the seniors industry.

Tochtech will be at Booth 410 and will be demonstrating our Smarturns, Tochie and Vericare products. Watch the following video to find out about the latest enhancements to our sensor technology-based Vericare platform that offers enhanced safety and predictive analytics capabilities. Vericare enables care providers the ability to offer clients personalized care.

We hope to see you at our booth next week.


Vancouver Resource Society to launch Vericare pilot

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  Vancouver Resource Society (VRS), whose mission is to provide innovative housing for seniors and those with disabilities in BC is embarking on a pilot program of Tochtech’s Vericare platform. The strategic partnership between VRS and Tochtech will enable both organizations to understand the role remote monitoring technology can play in VRS communities. Vericare seeks to enable independent and assisted living providers such as VRS to be better informed of their residents’ safety in real time, and with the use of predictive information on residents’ daily living activities (DLA) be able to reduce the risks of health and safety incidents before they become a crisis or emergency. Case studies have shown that the use of remote monitoring technology enables seniors to remain in independent living communities by an additional 6 to 12 months when compared to communities without remote monitoring. Encouraging seniors to be active, socially engaged and remain healthy is everything Vericare aims to do.

Who is caring for Caregivers – We Are!

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The costs of being a caregiver are well-documented, and now, more than ever, these issues are being highlighted from the significant growth in the senior population over recent years. According to Statistics Canada, 3 in 10 Canadians are family caregivers, and this responsibility takes its toll physically, psychologically and financially.

Time taken off of work by caregivers is estimated to cost upwards of $5000 to a family per year. For businesses, employees who are caregivers miss an average of 6.6 days per year, which on a larger scale can end up costing companies between $17 – $33 billion yearly from lost productivity. On top of this, on a personal level, the severe feeling of “financial strain” was also found amongst 36% of caregivers.

As caregiving for our growing senior population becomes more challenging and impacting more of us, Tochtech is working on innovative solutions to help relieve caregivers. Our products Smarturns, Vericare and Tochie focus on providing convenient, safe, and caring ways to remotely care for our seniors. We aim to keep seniors safe in their homes, while offering caregivers peace of mind. To learn more and to see what Tochtech can do for you and your loved ones, visit:

Nurse Next Door clients and their families pilot Vericare

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Tochtech Technologies and Nurse Next Door, West Vancouver, have embarked on a pilot where Nurse Next Door clients and their families are testing Tochtech’s Vericare platform. Feedback from pilot users on the non-invasive, sensor-based platform has been positive and extremely encouraging. When asked about their experience with the Vericare pilot, a family member provided the following response, “Vericare makes me feel more connected to my dad. I feel assured when I don’t have the time to be with him always.”  Family members also commented on the usefulness of Vericare reports saying “ Compared to some other care apps we had previously used, Vericare is able to show us things we did not know, which will be important for my dad’s care plan. Vericare (It) provides us assurance and peace of mind.”

While in-person care will always be needed, care providers, caregivers and seniors themselves are recognizing that technology can play an important role in helping seniors remain independent and age in the comfort of their homes. Over 90% of seniors want to stay in their own home as they age. Assistive technologies like Vericare enable seniors to remain independent and at the same time offer caregivers peace of mind.

Vericare ACE Index an effective indicator for senior’s wellbeing

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Numerous research reports have highlighted the importance of physical activity and social connectivity for healthy aging. Vericare monitors daily living activity (DLA) data to calculate an ACE (Activity and Social Connection and Engagement) Index which is a measure of physical activity and social connectivity. Residents at PARC Retirement Living (PARC) who are piloting Toch Tech’s Vericare platform feel the ACE Index is a helpful and quick way to understand how they are doing. According to Jessica Yang, CEO of Tochtech, “While one can assume the higher the ACE Index the healthier the senior, what is of greater importance is the trend. What we don’t want to see is a big decrease in the level of activity or social connectedness, leading to a significant drop in their ACE Index. This should be a warning that there may be a health issue or situation that needs attention”.