VericareVoice Technology

Socially distancing seniors, yet staying connected – how can do we do this?

Senior SmilingCaregivers are increasingly concerned about the impact of social distancing on seniors. While social distancing is critical to keeping seniors safe from the coronavirus, social isolation may result in loneliness and lead to other negative outcomes, especially during this anxious time. Now more than ever seniors need to feel supported and connected. Virtual and remote care technology can play a key role in staying connected with seniors and supporting them in being safe Tochtech’s Vericare and Tochie products built specifically to support seniors can bridge distance, keep seniors safe, and offer caregivers peace of mind.

Using discrete passive sensors, Vericare will notify caregivers and family members of potential safety and health concerns using text-based notifications. While Tochie allows remote caregivers to setup medical and appointment reminders and send push messages and stay present in the lives of their loved ones. Please visit Tochtech to find out more.