Horizontal Smarturns™


TOCH Smarturns™ (Horizontal Knobs), intelligent knobs for your stove


Keeping you safer in the kitchen and offering peace of mind

4-Knobs Package

Regular Price: $249 CAD 

2-Knobs Package

Regular Price: $199 CAD

Smarturns™, the first commercially available product that easily transforms your stove to a smart stove in minutes. In addition to making cooking safer, Smarturns™ provides:

  • Automatic reminder when you or your loved ones may forget your running stove
  • Peace of mind for users and caregivers
  • Connection with activities in the home and specifically cooking activities when you are away
  • Updates you on your stove status all the time
  • Save dinner, save cookware, save energy
* Please note, Smarturns does not shut off the stove automatically

Package Includes: 

  • 2 or 4 Smarturns™ knobs
  • 1 communication hub
  • 1 PIR detector (a.k.a motion sensor)
  • 6 universal knob adapters
  • 1 USB power charger
  • Free download app (Android and IOS)

Smarturns works on both Gas and Electrical Stoves. Run a quick check to see if your stove is currently supported or check with us before ordering