Tochtech’s global market expansion is enhanced through KGAP+ accelerator program


Tochtech Technologies is thrilled to be one of a handful of global companies to be accepted into the KGAP+ global accelerator program is a highly selective program that brings global startups from around the world to Japan to collaborate with leading Japanese companies to grow their business. This accelerator program brings Japanese and international businesses together where networking, collaboration and investment opportunities thrive.

Last month, Jessica Yang, CEO at Tochtech participated in the pitch event where over 150 global startups from 11 countries pitched their story to be accepted into Cohort #9 of KGAP+. Tochtech is thrilled to be one of 24 global companies that have been selected and will have the opportunity to participate in this highly selective program. “We are excited by this opportunity. Our selection and participation in this program will help solidify our market expansion as we look to expand our global footprint. This is especially so for the Japanese market where senior tech is a major focus and priority based on its aging population.”

Tochtech currently has clients in Canada, US, Australia, UK, Japan and China.

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