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February 2022


Tochie, enabling creative ways for caregivers to offer seniors emotional support

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StatsFor the last two years, while seniors have been isolated with the aim of protecting them from the corona virus, a crisis of loneliness, has been building.  While senior isolation was identified as a social issue before the pandemic, recent studies have identified over 50% of seniors report to feeling lonely.

The health effects of loneliness are nearly equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Loneliness has even been estimated to shorten a person’s life span by as much as 15 years. Loneliness may also increase the risks of serious health conditions such as dementia (by 50%), stroke (by 32%) heart disease (by 29%), mental health disorders (by 26%) and premature mortality (by 26%).

ThoughtWith loneliness amongst seniors at crisis levels researchers are constantly studying ways to help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.One of these research studies is based in BC, Canada, and being led by Dr. Lillian Hung, RN, PhD, Assistant Professor of the UBC School of Nursing. This study focused on the role technology may play in reducing senior isolation and loneliness.

Family MemberDr. Hung and her research team distributed Tochtech’s Tochie, smart speaker devices, to seniors residing at Amica Seniors Residences in White Rock, and their families.  Seniors and family members participating in the study were educated on how to use Tochie and were encouraged to use the device to communicate. Focused groups and interviews were then conducted to  solicit their feedback on their experience using Tochie. Researchers were surprised and encouraged that family members viewed Tochie not just as an enabler for remote care for task and medication reminders, but more so as a means of providing enhanced emotional support for and connection with their loved ones. “Through this study we have found that families used Tochie in creative, personalized ways, from sending reminders to recording special messages and music for their loved ones. It is exciting to see how technologies like Tochie have the capacity to provide not just remote care but also the emotional connection aspect which is vital for our seniors” said Dr. Hung. 

Langley Lodge experiences the benefits of Toch Sleepsense bed sensor technology

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Langley LodgeLangley Lodge, located in Langley, BC and a cornerstone of the Langley community since 1974, is one of the increasing number of seniors’ homes looking to innovative technologies like Toch Sleepsense to enhance the safety and wellbeing of their residents.

Langley Lodge is running a pilot program to trial Tochtech’s award-winning Sleepsense bed sensor technology.  Offering publicly funded as well as private long-term care services to 139 residents, Langley Lodge management is thrilled to be piloting the Sleepsense bed sensor.  “We are always looking for innovative technologies to enhance the safety and health and wellness of our residents. The sleep data and information Sleepsense is able to provide on our residents’ sleep patterns is so valuable and information we have never previously had. This information helps us better understand some of the health and sleep challenges our residents are experiencing and will offer new insights in how we can better serve and care for them” said Lisa Samms-Maxwell, Director of Care at Langley Lodge.

Langley LodgePlaced under the frame of the bed, Sleepsense is able to detect body movement, in and out of bed status and vital signs (heart and breathing rate). Real time alerts are then sent directly to caregivers’ smartphones or a nurse call system when a health or safety risk is identified. Sleepsense ensures care staff are constantly updated on the status of residents without having to physically check on them, and alerted on residents most in need of assistance. This new technology offers residents increased safety, especially high risk residents in Assisted Living and Long Term Care. Toch Sleepsense was the recent winner the 2020 AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge Competition. The Toch Sleepsense trial program were also launched at Fleetwood Place, Elim Village, Laurel Place and Chalmers Lodge seniors residences in BC.

Senior living providers interested in participating in the Sleepsense pilot program can contact Tochtech at 1-800-360-1286 or

For more information on Sleepsense please watch our video and read the following article.