Beijing senior care centre installs Vericare to enhance senior safety and wellness

Beijing      Beijing

Tochtech’s Vericare platform will be installed at a Beijing-based senior care center that has over 200 beds and offers in-home care services to over 20,000 seniors in the community. Cui Hu Lan Tian management is confident that the safety and wellness monitoring platform will improve senior safety and improve care efficiency. This is the only care center in Beijing that offers caregiver training in addition to medical and nursing services for the community.

The initial Vericare product evaluation project started in April, 2019 for both their care center service and in- home senior care service. A number of units in the care center were installed with Vericare system to alert staff on safety risks when seniors were in their suites. Having proven the benefits of the system, the platform is to be expanded to other units within the care centre and seniors’ homes as part of the organization’s in- home service package. Management believes that the Vericare platform will enhance senior safety and wellness monitoring and enable care efficiency through standardization of operations, allowing them to expand and scale the business swiftly.