Vancouver Resource Society to launch Vericare pilot

Vancouver Resource Society (VRS)  Vancouver Resource Society (VRS), whose mission is to provide innovative housing for seniors and those with disabilities in BC is embarking on a pilot program of Tochtech’s Vericare platform. The strategic partnership between VRS and Tochtech will enable both organizations to understand the role remote monitoring technology can play in VRS communities. Vericare seeks to enable independent and assisted living providers such as VRS to be better informed of their residents’ safety in real time, and with the use of predictive information on residents’ daily living activities (DLA) be able to reduce the risks of health and safety incidents before they become a crisis or emergency. Case studies have shown that the use of remote monitoring technology enables seniors to remain in independent living communities by an additional 6 to 12 months when compared to communities without remote monitoring. Encouraging seniors to be active, socially engaged and remain healthy is everything Vericare aims to do.

Vancouver Resource Society (VRS)