Voice Technology

Voice integration, making technology more senior-friendly

The use of smart technology is known to have grown substantially within recent years, and seniors and their caregivers certainly haven’t missed this wave of innovation. Specifically, the benefits and potential of voice-integrated technology have become apparent in the senior population, as research has shown. Both caregivers and seniors stand to gain from these devices as they can help with remote monitoring, provide effective alert and reminder systems and even combat isolation through interactivity.

While there are some challenges with currently available systems, such as understanding colloquialisms and accents, or the lack of accommodation for seniors with hearing loss, the industry is still very young and has seemingly boundless potential in making technology senior-friendly.

At Tochtech, we are also exploring voice-integrated technology to help better serve our customers and make a positive impact in helping them age in place. “We see a voice interface playing an important role as it is a much more natural way of engaging with technology. We are exploring ways to help us fulfill our mission of enabling a future where seniors can live independently while feeling safe, care for and connected for as long as they choose to” said Jessica Yang, CEO Tochtech Technologies.