Vericare – PARC pilot receives positive feedback from pilot participants

The feedback from residents of the Tochtech-PARC Retirement Living (PARC) Vericare pilot program have been overwhelmingly positive. Rather than feeling intruded upon, participants felt cared for. In the case of one participant the system alerted staff when she failed to get out of bed at her typical awake time and so they checked on her. When interviewed, the participant said “I am beyond thrilled at how the sensors are working. Fortunately, I just slept in that day, but I am really appreciative that they checked-in on me”. Another participant when reviewing his data said, “I did not realize I was so habitual, and I am happy to see that I sleep well and am socially engaged. I would like my son to have access to my data. He and is family are so busy, it will help them know I am ok”.