Vericare ACE Index an effective indicator for senior’s wellbeing

Numerous research reports have highlighted the importance of physical activity and social connectivity for healthy aging. Vericare monitors daily living activity (DLA) data to calculate an ACE (Activity and Social Connection and Engagement) Index which is a measure of physical activity and social connectivity. Residents at PARC Retirement Living (PARC) who are piloting Toch Tech’s Vericare platform feel the ACE Index is a helpful and quick way to understand how they are doing. According to Jessica Yang, CEO of Tochtech, “While one can assume the higher the ACE Index the healthier the senior, what is of greater importance is the trend. What we don’t want to see is a big decrease in the level of activity or social connectedness, leading to a significant drop in their ACE Index. This should be a warning that there may be a health issue or situation that needs attention”.