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Sometimes all we need is a personal reminder to help us through the day. Reminders are especially helpful for those suffering from memory loss.

With Tochie caregivers can personalize voice recorded reminders to help seniors stay on top of medication and care schedules, and appointments.

Benefits of Tochie

  • Extending independence of seniors
  • Helping seniors maintain healthy routines
  • Easing the of stress for caregivers
  • Staying connected no matter where, any time
  • Senior friendly, easy to use
  • Personalized voice and language
  • Medication Reminder and Appointment Reminder
  • Immediate voice messages


tochie reminders


Schedule one off or recurring voice reminders as you would in your calendar. Tochie will automatically play the reminder at the scheduled time.

tochie familiar voice

Familiar Voice Reminders

A familiar voice has proven to improve adherence and offers a calming effect, especially for those with Alzheimers.

tochie push message

Instant Push Message

Quick Message allows caregivers to send an immediate message for an unplanned change in the schedule or to send a spontaneous message to stay connected.

tochie confirmation

Confirmation of Message

Sender can be assured that his/her message has been heard by the receiver.

tochie schedule

Remote Scheduling

Caregivers can set up reminders and send messages from anywhere at their convenience.

tochie unlimited messaging

Unlimited Reminders in any Language

There is no limit to the number of reminders, or the accent or language used for the reminders.

Tochie Video Tutorials

Creating & scheduling a new reminder

Editing a message

Managing already recorded reminders

Using Quick Message

Account and Device Setup