The Intelligent Stove Knobs for cooking safety

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Keeping you safe
while you cook

Have you or someone you know been distracted in the midst of cooking leaving the stove unattended, or unknowingly forget to turn off the burner? The results can be disastrous. We are here to help.

Toch Smarturns, not only will it save your dinner, it could save your life.

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Kitchen fire from unattended stoves is a real danger

house fires reported in the US each year, 94% are a result of fires starting in the kitchen. Unattended stoves are reported as the main source of house fires.

injuries and 510 deaths reported each year in the US from fires in the home. Risk of injury and death increases significantly for those 70 years and older.

reported property damage each year in the US, from fires in the home.

TOCH Smarturns™

Easy to install and operate

Setup is easy and does not require professional installation services. Toch Smarturns works seemlessly,
not requiring new or modified user routines

Installation Video

Step One

Replace knobs on stove

Step Two

Mount motion sensor

Step Three

Connect the hub


Smarturns Knobs Communication Hub Motion sensor
Connectivity 2.4 GHz high speed Wi-fi, 2.4GHz and 433 MHz wireless communications 433 MHz
Power Included. CR2032 Included. Micro USB (5V) Included. 2 AAA batteries
Coverage 5 meters 10 meters <12 meters
Materials Metal cap with diamond cut on the edge. ABS with metallic feeling for the body ABS/PC ABS/PC
Dimensions 48mm diameter x 28mm height 72mm x 74mm 25.8mm x 105mm x 40mm


  • Easy installation and setup

  • Superior designed knobs that fit most Electrical and Gas stoves

  • 4-year battery life on knobs

  • Mobile app features that include:

    1. Stove status: On/Off

    2. Cooking activity status: Start/complete

    3. Local alerts and mobile phone notifications to multiple devices

    4. User presence information

    5. Stove usage records

    6. Multiple stove monitoring

Smarturns Quick FAQSmarturns User Guide

Combining Technology And Design

TochTech Technologies Ltd has been prototyping and creating dozens of versions of the design of the intelligent knob incorporating its patent-pending technology. Significant effort has been put into studying the different types of stoves and their associated knobs. Close attention was paid to the details such as, the weight and feel of the knobs, ensuring the highest level of design and function.