Who is caring for Caregivers – We Are!

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The costs of being a caregiver are well-documented, and now, more than ever, these issues are being highlighted from the significant growth in the senior population over recent years. According to Statistics Canada, 3 in 10 Canadians are family caregivers, and this responsibility takes its toll physically, psychologically and financially.

Time taken off of work by caregivers is estimated to cost upwards of $5000 to a family per year. For businesses, employees who are caregivers miss an average of 6.6 days per year, which on a larger scale can end up costing companies between $17 – $33 billion yearly from lost productivity. On top of this, on a personal level, the severe feeling of “financial strain” was also found amongst 36% of caregivers.

As caregiving for our growing senior population becomes more challenging and impacting more of us, Tochtech is working on innovative solutions to help relieve caregivers. Our products Smarturns, Vericare and Tochie focus on providing convenient, safe, and caring ways to remotely care for our seniors. We aim to keep seniors safe in their homes, while offering caregivers peace of mind. To learn more and to see what Tochtech can do for you and your loved ones, visit: http://www.tochtech.com/

A Familiar Voice versus a Stranger’s Voice – Does it make a difference?

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Studies have concluded that the human brain is more responsive to voice versus an alarm. This finding has a significant impact for technology that is being developed to alert users to a danger or situation.

With our growing aging population, there is a constant need for safety, reminder and scheduling systems to help seniors age in place. However, it is often difficult for seniors to distinguish the beeping alerts that accompany technology and they become confused with the what the beeping is alerting them to. Instead voice alerts are more effective in gaining the user’s response and attention. Tochie, Tochtech’s latest voice product has taken this one step further by allowing caregivers to record their voices for alerts and reminders for seniors. Studies have repeatedly shown that the human brain has a higher response rate to a familiar voice when compared to a stranger’s voice. As a voice integrated product, Tochie enables personalized voice messages and reminders to help seniors stay on top of schedules and appointment. To learn more about Tochie, visit the following link: https://vimeo.com/278383657

To support Tochtech and help us be successful in the 2018 Age-Well National Impact Challenge, please visit http://agewell-nce.ca/impact and vote for the Tochie video. The last day for voting is tomorrow, August 17, so please vote today!

Tochtech competing in the Age-Well National Impact Challenge

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Always looking to make a difference, Tochtech is proud to announce that we have entered to compete in the 2018 Age-Well National Impact Challenge. This annual competition, hosted by Canadian technology and aging network Age-Well, aims to identify innovative new ideas for technology-based solutions that will improve the quality of life for seniors and their caregivers.

Tochtech has entered our most recent product innovation, Tochie, into the competition. Tochie is a personalized voice aide that supports seniors in their daily living, through its intuitive and personal voice reminder and alert system. Tochie, a voice-integrated device enables caregivers to remain in touch and connected even when they are away. To learn more about Tochie, visit the following link: https://vimeo.com/278383657

To support Tochtech and help us be successful in the 2018 Age-Well National Impact Challenge, please visit http://agewell-nce.ca/impact and vote for the Tochie video – look for the thumbnail image below. Every vote counts. We appreciate all your support!

Value of Smarturns, a kitchen safety product further confirmed by Home-Fire Studies

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SmarturnsTM, is a first in-class kitchen safety product directly addresses the leading cause of home fires. Studies done by the public safety division of Alberta Municipal Affairs on the home-fire statistics in Canada have yielded important results. Highlights of these findings include:

  • The age group that holds the highest risk of dying in a home fire are those 75 and older
  • Cooking is the leading cause of in-home fires
  • The kitchen is the most common area of origin for in-home fires

In the US, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that people over the age of 65 have a 2.5 times greater risk of dying in a kitchen fire than the general population. According to FEMA, cooking is one of the leading causes of fire in the home, accounting for thousands of injuries, death and significant property damage. As the generation on boomers age, kitchen safety will only become a greater concern.

These staggering, yet unsurprising statistics reinforce popular belief about home fires being more prevalent in the kitchen and risks of a fire increase as we age. Caregivers surveyed by Tochtech informed us that the risk of a kitchen fire from an unattended stove is a main driver for a senior moving to an assisted living facility.

Recognizing this problem, Tochtech developed SmarturnsTM, which solves stovetop kitchen fires by transforming any stove into a smart stove. To read more about SmarturnsTM and to see how Tochtech is making a difference, visit: http://www.tochtech.com/smarturns-cooking-safety/

Voice integration, making technology more senior-friendly

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The use of smart technology is known to have grown substantially within recent years, and seniors and their caregivers certainly haven’t missed this wave of innovation. Specifically, the benefits and potential of voice-integrated technology have become apparent in the senior population, as research has shown. Both caregivers and seniors stand to gain from these devices as they can help with remote monitoring, provide effective alert and reminder systems and even combat isolation through interactivity.

While there are some challenges with currently available systems, such as understanding colloquialisms and accents, or the lack of accommodation for seniors with hearing loss, the industry is still very young and has seemingly boundless potential in making technology senior-friendly.

At Tochtech, we are also exploring voice-integrated technology to help better serve our customers and make a positive impact in helping them age in place. “We see a voice interface playing an important role as it is a much more natural way of engaging with technology. We are exploring ways to help us fulfill our mission of enabling a future where seniors can live independently while feeling safe, care for and connected for as long as they choose to” said Jessica Yang, CEO Tochtech Technologies.